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  • n. Alternative form of employment at will.


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  • In states with employment-at-will laws, including yours, where an employer can fire anyone at any time for any lawful reason, you probably wouldn't have a claim of significant value, says Rich Busse, a Portland, Ore., author on employment rights and an attorney who represents employees.

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  • I have no idea whether, to society as a whole, the cost (to employees) of employment-at-will is more or less than the cost (to employers) of requirements that certain terminations be “for cause”.

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  • Because of the employment-at-will doctrine, an unfair or unjust termination, without more, does not necessarily mean that your employer has done anything illegal.

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  • Because of the "employment-at-will" doctrine, employees have no general protection against unfair treatment.

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  • The employment-at-will doctrine is that both employer and employee can end the employment relationship at any time without notice or reason.

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  • The only problem is, Pennsylvania is an employment-at-will state.


  • It is legislation disguised as a way to do away with the employment-at-will tradition, he said.

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  • Almost like there is some sort of employment-at-will standard in affect?

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  • I'm sorry to report this, but essentially, you haved no recourse if you were employed in an employment-at-will state.

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  • Reductions-in-force pose fewer legal problems in the United States because the U.S. is an employment-at-will jurisdiction; few laws beyond W. A.R.N (29 U.S.C. Section 2101), state equivalents and certain aspects of anti-discrimination laws regulate layoffs.

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