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  • n. Plural form of empowerment.


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  • Beyond the seven of entering like a child, there are higher and highest sets of vase, secret, wisdom and fourth, or word empowerments, as well as the great vajra master empowerment.

    5 Alternative Kalachakra

  • An organised group of players of sufficient size can seize democratic control and use whatever "empowerments" you've given them to make life a misery for everyone else.

    The Four Worlds Theory

  • He invited several Nying-ma lamas to give teachings and empowerments to his monks.

    The Shugden Affair: Origins of a Controversy (Part II)

  • However, His Holiness has always stressed the importance of practitioners attending the teachings rather than the initiations or empowerments in order to allow you to better understand the philosophy of Buddhism.


  • His Holiness also gives a number of empowerments and initiations throughout the year, usually coinciding with his teachings.


  • It drags us back to, and abandons us in, a reality barren of mythic patterns and magical empowerments of the disempowered, the reality of social politics, cruelty and empathy, played out on an entirely domestic level.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • As America drifts further into the abyss of secularism, as liberal federal judges continue to overrule the will of the people in defense of godly moral standards, as the ACLU continues its high-powered and well-funded war against Christianity, the America our Founding Fathers died to birth is on the critical list with infections of political correctness, greed, apathy, immorality, and endless empowerments dragging the republic into an early grave.

    Can America Survive?

  • And the second amounts to intentional, or semantic, empowerments.

    Stephen Downes: Fairness and Equity in Education

  • They must be equally valued for their empowerments and skills.

    Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

  • Those teachings were given as Universal empowerments and deep knowledge for all humans, not just for India.

    Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar


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