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  • n. Alternative form of impressment.


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empress +‎ -ment


  • ` ` If you will take care -- mind! splendid care of Aunt Sylvia every morning, '' said Caryl slowly and with extreme empressment -- ` ` watch and get her everything she wants, not wait for her to ask for anything, then I can go off down street and make lots and lots of money, Viny.

    Twilight stories

  • Then bending forward he kissed the Countess with empressment on both cheeks.

    A Modern Mercenary

  • "Begorrah, ye're right, sorr!" ejaculated the Irish mate, with an empressment that showed his earnestness.

    The Wreck of the Nancy Bell Cast Away on Kerguelen Land

  • Hence followed, on the part of the United States, the non-Importation Act, the Embargo Act of 1807-08, and other retaliatory measures of Jefferson's administration, coupled with reprisals at sea and other expedients to offset British empressment of American sailors and the right of search, so ruthlessly and annoyingly put in force against the newborn nation and her maritime people.

    Thomas Jefferson, a Character Sketch

  • "No," replied McNabbs, without apparently noticing the empressment of the quartermaster -- an empressment which, moreover, was reasonable enough under the circumstances.

    In Search of the Castaways

  • At home she kept the same alert oversight and its accompanying stimulants; but so without empressment were her suggestions, that they were often adopted under the fixed impression that they originated with the person chosen to put them into execution.

    The Market Woman

  • He smiled and kissed her hand, and accepted with empressment two violets -- the Buonapartes 'flower -- brought to him by Prince Arthur.

    Life of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen — Volume 2

  • "Eh bien! mon ami" she resumed with a certain empressment of manner that rather surprised me -- "Eh bien! mon ami, you have earnestly besought of me a favor which you have been pleased to denominate priceless.

    The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 3


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