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  • n. The process by which an emulsion is formed.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of emulsifying, or the state of being emulsified.


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  • Hard water has a greater concentration of these minerals, thus allowing it to act as an effective agent between soap enzymes, body oils and water in a process called emulsification.

    Martin Marks: In Soft Water

  • Therefore, it allows water to remove normally-insoluble matter by emulsification. [wiki]

    A Bit of Soap

  • The specific chemical reactions of emulsification have something to do with ions -- very complicated, very tiny little things that I'd be able to describe in greater detail had I followed my father's advice and taken AP Chemistry.

    Martin Marks: In Soft Water

  • At this point, something goes a bit wrong, and some of the melted butter resists my attempts at emulsification, leaving me with a recognisable hollandaise, and a fair amount of grease.

    How to make perfect hollandaise sauce

  • The researchers will use further testing to determine whether the hydrocarbons they found are the result of dispersants or the emulsification of oil as it traveled away from the well.

    Gulf Oil Spill: 22-Mile Underwater Plume Approaches Rich Waters, Could Poison Food Chain

  • Jalapnik. com mentions, however that "under normal environmental temperatures, oil does not evaporate, however with the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the effects of seawater emulsification and the introduction of BP's dispersant of choice, Corexit 9500, may be allowing some degree of evaporation into the water cycle."

    Raining Oil In Louisiana? (VIDEO)

  • Process the mixture until smooth, adding the vegetable oil while blending in a thin, steady stream to form an emulsification.

    The Skinnygirl Dish

  • And yet, so much of our science fiction, rather than processing this march toward the inhuman, “the reduction of humans to manipulable machines” Zizek again, is cheerleading the emulsification.

    Half-Centaur, Half-Chimera: Humanism and Science Fiction | Goblin Mercantile Exchange

  • The emulsification system of Crothix and E-Wax is powerful to gel all of that water into a lotion.

    Making Skin Firming Cream

  • You really dont need all that yolk in a hollandaise to maintain the emulsification, what you really do need, though, is water.



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