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  • adj. Capable of being enacted.


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enact +‎ -able


  • Rep. Tom Latham R-Iowa, a senior Appropriations Committee member and close friend of Boehner's, said Roger's initial package was probably "enactable" in a deal with the Senate, where a large number of Democrats face reelection in 2012 from states that voted Republican last fall.

    House Republicans divided on spending cuts; for some, it's $100 billion or bust

  • The reasons for challenging a president from our own party were many and varied: Carter had either done nothing to help or actually put the brakes on congressional Democrats 'attempts to pass full employment legislation, a universal health care bill, labor law reform, and other enactable progressive initiatives.

    Jimmy Carter's superiority

  • But Brown's committee, committee, committee approach fails to capture the urgent public mood in the way that Cameron's sensible, quickly enactable, measures do.

    PMQs live blog

  • I have seen no actual evidence that there is an untapped group of 1000 superlawyers who would be attracted by any realistically enactable salary increase.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Judge Stephen Larson’s Resignation Does Not Show that Federal Judges are Underpaid:

  • Effective enactable remedies by meremark on Monday, Apr 9, 2007 at 12: 08: 59 PM

    Why CNN Can't Tell You the Truth

  • An action's meaning is to be found in a publicly re-enactable syllogism.

    Robin George Collingwood

  • My multi-sided view is that his efforts really must include a genuine effort to seek out new thinking and useful/enactable ideas from nonpolitical/nonpartisan thought leaders who work at every level of the Commonwealth's incredibly broad commercial landscape; and with a particular emphasis on expanding affordable computing technology for business development in the life sciences and clean/smart energy. Top Stories

  • The solutions are clear, obvious, enactable, and a hell of a lot cheaper than piling on to the overcrowding problem that already plagues our nation.

    American Chronicle

  • George E. Pataki largely backed away from the toll proposal, though he said, "If it turns out to be a good idea at some point in time, and if it's enactable, then we should certainly consider it." turning over the bridges to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

    NYT > Home Page


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