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  • verb UK Simple past tense and past participle of enamel.


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  • It was served in a bucket; other items were served in enamelled dishes.

    Restaurant review: Made in Belfast

  • She was employed as an enamelled ware brusher, wherein lead poisoning is encountered.


  • PS Kristin, I love the enamelled clock, the idle pigeons not bothered by the photographer and not bothering about the minutes so clearly dotted under them.

    l'accent tonique - French Word-A-Day

  • And while the trained-nurse-apparelled young woman seated Dag Daughtry in the enamelled surgeon's chair and leaned him back under direction, and while Doctor Emory dipped his finger-tips into the strongest antiseptic his office possessed, behind Doctor Emory's eyes, in the midst of his brain, burned the image of a desired Irish terrier who did turns in sailor-town cabarets, was rough-coated, and answered to the full name of Killeny Boy.


  • Still, the main effect of Richard Eyre's intricate and absorbing production is not to recreate the enamelled snobbery of the Simpson entourage.

    The Last of the Duchess; 13; The Village Social – review

  • Mum's copy had a hole punched in the top left hand corner to facillitate its hanging by a piece of string to the side of her speckled-blue and white enamelled New World gas cooker.

    Sepia-Toned Baking

  • After the pictures young men and young women went there to prolong the evening; it was unlicensed, but there was generally a gallon or two of beer in a white enamelled jug beneath the counter.

    In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs

  • Elizabeth's face hardened beneath the enamelled mask of paint.

    Dearly Beloved

  • It is a tall red enamelled wood-pellet burner, with a built-in oven compartment.

    Hotel review | Annie's Ecolog Cabin, Ludlow

  • Basically, any thick-bottomed, enamelled, cast-iron pan (eg Le Creuset) will do the trick, or a thick-bottomed stainless steel one (be that a £45 John Lewis pan or a £120 All-Clad pan).

    Food for Fort: Cooking with herbs, tough asparagus and a pan for porridge


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