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  • n. Any of a group of extinct birds of the subclass Enantiornithes


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  • Aberratiodontus - an odd enantiornithean from the Chinese Jiufutang Formation - has teeth lining both its upper and lower jaws, but is reported to have rather small teeth at the jaw tips (Gong et al. 2004).

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  • But in the Yixian Formation enantiornithean Protopteryx (image at left: taken from Dinosaur. net.cn) there are just two conical, unserrated teeth in the premaxillae and two subtriangular teeth at the dentary tips (Zhang & Zhou 2000).

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  • Other neat recent discoveries – from the Cretaceous – include the new Mongolian dromaeosaur Tsaagan mangas and the (allegedly) flightless enantiornithean Elsornis keni.

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  • Long-skulled Longirostravis has ten small, conical teeth restricted entirely to its slim jaw tips (Hou et al. 2004) and short, conical teeth are similarly only at the jaw tips in another long-skulled enantiornithean, Longipteryx (Zhang et al. 2001).

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