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  • noun chemistry The selectivity of a reaction towards one of a pair of enantiomers


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  • In fact, our studies show that serine meets the first two criteria, and recent work24 has demonstrated that serine catalyses certain asymmetric aldol reactions with high enantioselectivity; it has also been highlighted as one of a small number of amino acids likely to have played an important role in prebiotic chemistry25, 26.

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  • N-heterocyclic carbene/Lewis acid catalytic system promotes the addition of homoenolate equivalents to hydrazones, generating highly substituted γ-lactams in moderate to good yields and with high levels of diastereo - and enantioselectivity.

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  • N.; Battistel, E.; Bianchi, D.: Effects of substrate structure on the enantioselectivity and stereochemical course of sulfoxidation catalyzed by cyclohexanone mono - oxygenase.

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  • 2153-2161 (1985) [13] Schwab, J.M.; Li, W.; Thomas, L.P.: Cyclohexanone oxygenase: stereochem - istry, enantioselectivity, and regioselectivity of an enzyme-catalyzed Baeyer-Villiger reaction.

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