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  • noun Radiographic examination of the brain in which some of the cerebrospinal fluid is replaced with air or another gas that acts as a contrast medium.

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  • noun medicine An X-ray examination of the brain in which air replaces some of the cerebrospinal fluid to act as a contrast medium

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  • noun roentgenography of the brain after spinal fluid has been replaced by a gas (usually oxygen); produces an encephalogram


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encephalo- + -graphy


  • The need for these types of encephalography is now reduced.

    Physiology or Medicine 1979 - Press Release

  • Using a technique called magneto-encephalography that measures brain signals, the Oxford researchers found that a baby's face can seize our attention in milliseconds, activating an unusual mental organ called the fusiform gyrus that responds to human faces.

    Some Scientists Argue

  • By combining different measures of brain activity -- positron emission tomography, functional magnetic resonance imaging and electro-encephalography -- scientists for the first time can see how aging brain regions, designed to work in unison like the interlocking innards of an expensive watch, fail to mesh swiftly and smoothly.

    Surveying the Brain for Origins of the Senior Moment

  • New York University social psychologist David Amodio studied the neural activity of liberal and conservative frames of mind using electro-encephalography.

    The Biology of Ideology

  • The scientists used a technique known as magnetic encephalography MEG — the fastest of all scanner methods — to measure the minute magnetic fields around the brain and identify regions that are active during the second or so it takes for a person to make their shopping choice.

    Brain: The Science Behind Decision Making | Impact Lab

  • Moniz's main interests were evidently encephalography, and cerebral arteriography.

    Controversial Psychosurgery Resulted in a Nobel Prize

  • Ambrose was exploring ways of imaging the living brain using methods such as ultrasound and echo encephalography, and he agreed to meet Hounsfield.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1979 - Perspectives

  • Extensive special examinations, such as contrast encephalography and pneumaencephalography, that is, X-ray examination with a contrast medium in the vessels, and filling the brain cavities with air following lumbar puncture, provide very valuable information, but nevertheless indirectly.

    Physiology or Medicine 1979 - Press Release

  • Diagnostic des tumeurs cérébrales et épreuve de l'encéphalographie artérielle (Diagnostics of cerebral tumours and application of arterial encephalography),

    Egas Moniz - Biography

  • The mentation pictures we got by encephalography compare very favorably with those of any human child of ten or twelve years old, and so does their learning and puzzle-solving ability.

    The Fuzzy Papers


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