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  • n. Plural form of enchantress.


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  • It is, however, the task of criticism to establish principles; to improve opinion into knowledge; and to distinguish those means of pleasing which depend upon known causes and rational deduction, from the nameless and inexplicable elegancies which appeal wholly to the fancy, from which we feel delight, but know not how they produce it, and which may well be termed the enchantresses of the soul.

    The Rambler, sections 55-112 (1750-1751); from The Works of Samuel Johnson in Sixteen Volumes, Vol. IV

  • Fret not: "Night of a Thousand Stevies" will carry on with performances by numerous impersonators and enchantresses from the outer corners of cabaret.

    Land of a Thousand Dances

  • Everybody knew that the Elven cities were places of fabulous luxury and decadence, where Elven enchantresses practiced their forbidden wiles on any human men unfortunate enough to fall into their perfumed clutches.

    Tran Siberian

  • Female drakes had a different metabolism and, while she would take much longer, her human form would be near perfect, perhaps more than perfect, Cabe remembered, having almost fallen prey to three such enchantresses who had once taken up residence in the very place they were now heading.


  • The luxuries of a natch, and the peculiar Oriental beauty of the enchantresses who perfumed their voluptuous Eastern domes, for the pleasure of the haughty English conquerors, were no less attractive than the battles and sieges on which the Captain at other times expatiated.

    The Surgeon's Daughter

  • Delphine Seyrig is my favorite because she truly was a great actress, as Alain Resnais' MURIEL perhaps proves best of all, but more importantly, she was one of the medium's great enchantresses.

    My Twenty Favorite Actresses

  • As the yellow-haired traveler and the emperor are so exaggerated as to suggest comic-book figures, so too are Rushdie's female enchantresses exaggerated to the point of burlesque.

    In the Emperor's Dream House

  • Mr Dorrit again expressed, in his own way, the sentiment that business was below the ken of enslavers and enchantresses.

    Little Dorrit

  • The evil enchantresses catch him spy­ing on them and trans­form him into amouse.

    What I Learned from Witches « Snarkmarket

  • Whether the fair lady tried her wiles upon Colonel Newcome the present writer has no certain means of ascertaining: but I think another image occupied his heart: and this Circe tempted him no more than a score of other enchantresses who had tried their spells upon him.

    The Newcomes


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