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from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. space that is surrounded by something


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  • In the Osis experiment, Tanous was to project himself to a specified target area, an enclosed space containing an optical viewing-device that displayed randomly selected visual targets.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • After a few hundreds of millions of years have elapsed, a scientist comes upon the same enclosed space and measures the relative proportions of potassium-40 and argon-40.


  • Ivan Shulubin and the other infantry leaders felt more able to infiltrate the close country on the flanks than previously, while Tursov, in the enclosed space of Iffezheim, and the surviving tank commanders who were endeavouring to blast their way across the Bühl Plateau, at least had the advantage of full vision instead of the restricted arcs inflicted on them by optics.

    First Clash

  • So, imagine that you start with some quantity of potassium-40 in an enclosed space with no argon-40.


  • The lopsided face seemed to press in on him — the slight rasp of the alien's breathing echoed in the enclosed space — the whiff of bitter-sour body odor curdled his stomach —


  • Defenders and attackers advanced and retreated within the staging area, shooting and screaming imprecations and defiance, transforming the enclosed space into a fiery farrago of death and confusion in which it was difficult to tell friend from foe despite the aid of advanced technology.

    The False Mirror

  • Obeying an impulsive urge to check on them -- like a mother with children, a part of her mind was always conscious of the horses -- the young woman walked through the enclosed space to the mammoth tusk archway, pulled back the heavy hide drape, and looked out.

    The Mammoth Hunters


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