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  • v. Obsolete form of include.


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  • I am only enoyed that ms did not have a feedback button when you find problems with there program. they realy should enclude that in beta programs if you ask me. because when i did a search the on msn search. the first site was yours. hm somethings they must still be ironing out….

    Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta

  • If we want an acurate view of how the media portrays a country you have to enclude entertainment as well.

    Common sense » Japundit Blog

  • Sometimes under the prettie tales of Woolves and sheepe, can enclude the whole considerations of wrong doing

    Defence of Poesie

  • I didn't enclude the name at the end, because they may not like it, but this person's letter was right on!


  • Sir Mr. Gates I got your address from the internet and I saw many people you had been helping all over the whole world, so I wish to write you and you to enclude me in your list.

    Think Progress

  • Guess I just can't enclude links for some reason today ...

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • The bill should also enclude a clause that even the congress and Senate and the executive branch will be encluded, Also if any changes are made in the future they must make the plan as good or better than it was befor the changes.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories


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