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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of encompass.


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  • For Greeks such as Alexander, the term encompassed the entire subcontinent, including both modern Pakistan and India.

    Alexander the Great

  • Apple said at the time that the term encompassed "retail store services featuring computer software provided via the Internet and other computer and electronic communication networks," among other things.

    Apple, Microsoft Hire Linguists in App Feud

  • The term encompassed communications that referred "to a clearly identified candidate for Federal office" and was made 30 days before a primary or 60 days before a general election.

    theRacetotheBottom - Headline News

  • This term encompassed artists that incorporated psychedelic production into folk-rock and/or power-pop, eventually forming a tight-knit community in the L.A. area due to its aligning sound.

    Obscure Sound - Indie Music Blog

  • During the Bush years, the designation encompassed not just members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban but also anyone who associated with them, supported them, or supported organizations associated with them, even if unwittingly.

    Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union

  • Rome was again encompassed by his arms; and Stephen, apprehensive of fatiguing the zeal of his Transalpine allies enforced his complaint and request by an eloquent letter in the name and person of St. Peter himself.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • I found the idea encompassed in one of the new reports very interesting.

    Ruling in Mass v EPA « Climate Audit

  • One is awed by the precision with which Shoghi Effendi analyzed political and social processes in the early stages of their development, and the mastery with which his mind encompassed a kaleidoscope of events, both current and historical, relating their implications to the unfolding Will of

    Century of Light

  • The recall encompassed about 1.4 million pair of shoes manufactured by Brown Shoe Co., according to the CPSC announcement.

    The latest WWD Headlines

  • In Michael’s mind, death row was a term that encompassed this entire prison.

    The Thieves of Darkness


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