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  • v. Present participle of encrust.


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  • But as Audrey passes the Green Chapel with its rotten slate and brilliant cobweb-encrusting of moss, she pauses, listens intently, and only struggles with herself for a moment before she pushes the gate open.

    To Each A Song « A Fly in Amber

  • I looked over and watching the saliva encrusting in the corner of Larry's mouth, my heart sank.


  • When nostrils started freezing shut and the air cut as we inhaled, and eyelashes froze our eyes shut, then we would reluctantly pull these things over our faces, dealing with the ice encrusting around the mouth hole every time we exhaled.

    Hated Winter: From Snow to Rainforest « Colleen Anderson

  • While many calcifying algae contribute particles that rapidly become reef sediments, coralline red algae often have an encrusting growth form that tends to act as a “glue” that holds the reef fragments and sediments together.

    Coral reef

  • Let me set the record straight before we go any further: even though many say the process is encrusting one's vagina with crystals, they're actually affixed to the lower pubic area, just above the vulva.

    Elissa Stein: To Vajayjay or Not to Vajayjay

  • The engine was running and the defrosters were all on, but there was still a layer of snow and ice encrusting the windows.

    Brown-Eyed Girl

  • Each subsequent flag she played more with materials, adding hand-made worry-dolls to the suns, or little mirrors into a sort of plaid pattern, or encrusting the edges so thick with multicolored beads that you want to put the whole thing in your mouth.

    galleon trade edition

  • In case you still have money left over from encrusting your toilet seat with diamonds and gold plating your pets, Divine Caroline has put together a list of the most expensive spirits in the world.

    The Most Expensive Spirits In The World - The Consumerist

  • We have to find our virtue in one true thing, our common humanity, and these ancient superstitions actually interfere with instruction in how to be good by encrusting it with nonsense.

    Be Nice, Happy, Quiet, Meek

  • In areas of strong currents, the reef substrate consists of an avalanche of coral fragments, with only encrusting or low branching species, such as Seriatopora caliendrum and Stylophora pistillata, being able to withstand the rapid water flow.

    Komodo National Park, Indonesia


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