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  • n. A thing, such as an algorithm, a program, or a device, that encrypts.


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From encrypt +‎ -er.


  • After repeating this a couple of times, I decided to have only one partition an encrypter vfat partition, and I have managed to mount the stick now, and I can write to it.

    Encrypted usb sticks

  • DoSWF MINI is a simple flash encrypter that is always at your disposal.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • DoSWF MINI is the small version of DoSWF, a powerful flash/swf encrypter.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • So why not run from the plain extracted files to begin with? encrypter: I created a TrueCrypt container on a USB flash drive and also encrypted an entire portable hard drive.

    The Portable Freeware Collection

  • Main iPad - is it a price checker, encrypter, tablet PC or bra?

    Comments from all Computer Weekly blogs

  • I added a new encrypter for those who cannot handle secured. in.

    AvaxHome RSS:

  • The "Encryption Level" slider lets you automatically run a file through the encrypter up to three times, each time using 5 characters from the password.

    AutoHotkey Community

  • If a more involved disk encryption system is installed on the machine, it would need to talk to the swap encrypter.

    Brad Ideas - Comments

  • For example, it could tell the swap system to use keys managed by the master disk encrypter, so when you boot, you would enter a pass phrase that would enable access to both swap and other disks.

    Brad Ideas - Comments

  • Abstractly, we accomplish this by enabling the encrypter to start the decryption process, leaving less work for the decrypter, much like the server leaves less work for the decrypter in a server-aided cryptosystem.


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