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  • n. Plural form of encryption.


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  • Worse, 55 percent of respondents in IT roles said that their organizations had mobile voice call encryptions solutions in place.


  • Then again, you don't have to be at all smart to notice that the series 'opening credits, with their montage of codes and encryptions, look uncannily like the scenes in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" that depict mathematician John Nash's descent into schizophrenic insanity.

    A River of No Return

  • They were just basic encryptions and Charlie was able to cheat past the security in only a few minutes.

    Duality of Dilation | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • Tom hurried out of his apartment to the nearest public communications terminal and, using a draconian series of encryptions, sent the transmission that had been agreed upon months before.

    Star Trek: Voyager®: Full Circle

  • The buzz on espionage: Upheaval at the CIA: It's now fighting mob and drug cartels (whose encryptions the FBI can't read).


  • Speaking of wireless, has there been an official word yet on what encryptions the Wii will support?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Sorry, but you can’t kill your friends just yet…

  • The NSA would then be able to filter commercial transactions from personal encryptions – such as using commercially available software to encrypt your emails.

    Think Progress » Verizon stock dips

  • Users should certainly avail themselves of encryptions.

    Scammin’ and Spammin’

  • Companies will spend millions and billions to stop it and hackers will spend a few days to crack the new encryptions…lol

    Blu-ray and HD-DVD get cracked again « Boy Genius Report

  • How can I know that the site processes my card number securily, uses encryptions etc. = by showing credibility: both in terms of familiar site where uses have reported the site to be ok and/or with certificates that report "secure playing/paying"

    Do We Need a Virtual Gaming Commission?


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