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  • adj. Of or pertaining to encyclopaediae; relating to encyclopedias.


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  • "Writing in English in general – and in encyclopediac language in particular – was hard for many students," says Hisham Mundol, who oversees the education program in India.

    Wikipedia looks to expand Arabic content via educational initiative

  • With an almost encyclopediac knowledge of the setting now required for any DM wishing to run a canonical game set in the Realms, it is unsurprising that many either gave up or went over to the newer, much more straightforward Eberron setting.

    The Worlds of D&D: Forgotten Realms

  • Then there are poems who are lucky enough to find a reader who paused and paid attention for as long as that poem required to release its full blossoming, in this case, on the universal e-stage -- THANK YOU John Bloomberg-Rissman if you click on John's blog-link, btw, you can see an encyclopediac -- gorgeously ambitious!

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • The father of the family has an encyclopediac knowledge of English history: I found myself wishing I had consulted him before writing my feature on St Edward the Confessor for the Catholic Times.

    auntie joanna writes

  • Several U.N. diplomats highlight his legal skills for cobbling together U.N. resolutions, a drive for hard work, as well as what one diplomat called "an encyclopediac knowledge on issues."

    CNN Transcript Nov 14, 2006

  • Under this class I am inclined to place his Granarium, a large work in five volumes; full of miscellaneous extracts, etc., and somewhat partaking of the encyclopediac form; his Propinarium, in two volumes, also treating of general matters; his Pabularium and Palearium Poetarium, and his Proverbiarium, or book of Proverbs; to which may be added the many pieces relating to the affairs of the monastery.

    Bibliomania in the Middle Ages

  • Edited by Martand Singh of the Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage, Britain, and Rta Kapur Chishti, writer on crafts and craftsmen, along with photography editor Renula Kelkar, this encyclopediac volume unravels every aspect of the sari.

    Hindustan Times News Feeds 'Views'

  • It's important that your students understand the poor environment they are in, and so this is, indeed, an encyclopediac entry, and it should stay as is.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • Just write what you want, in a more or less encyclopediac way, and let, if necessary, other people have at it with axes and knives and forks and screwdrivers and other tools to turn it into something that Larry can be proud of.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • So many birders I know possess an uncanny, in some cases encyclopediac knowledge of avifauna and ecology, even though the merest fraction of them are professional ornithologists, biologists, or tour guides.

    10,000 Birds


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