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  • n. Plural form of encyclopedia.


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  • Quite a bit of information in encyclopedias written for children or books was either as wrong as much of what you are likely to find in wikepedia.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Internet and Stupidity:

  • Two extremely popular Yiddish books of morals, Brantshpigl (Cracow, 1596) and Lev Tov (Prague, 1620), quite rightly called encyclopedias since they provide practical and spiritual guidance on multiple aspects of daily life, were constantly recommended to women by rabbis and teachers, although the Brantshpigl deals much more than the Lev Tov with matters directly concerning women.

    Old Yiddish Language and Literature.

  • In addition, the team counted blogs, wikis, and user-contributed encyclopedias, which is curious, since it ignores News

  • For a few works, such as encyclopedias, a longer payoff, such as a couple decades may be needed.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Government Regulation and Copyright, Plus the Word “Always”

  • This time, I noticed that there were a couple of companies that had the viruses catalogued in their "encyclopedias" and "research engines."

    Viral Saga

  • Reference sources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks provide general/background information.

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  • Workers at a charity shop in Swansea, in south Wales, told London newspaper Metro that pensioners were looking for thick books such as encyclopedias - which are sold for a few pennies second hand - as a cheaper alternative to coal.

    Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

  • The children needed better clothing, ate more heartily, and suddenly needed things that were prohibitively expensive, such as encyclopedias, computers, school field trips and more. Weekly Magazine [ Vayeitzei 5770 - November 27, 2009 ]

  • The extras in this collection include the character encyclopedias which is a nice addition that was included in the single releases.

    Mania News Feed

  • Chronicles of Chaos, however, has more on its mind -- whole encyclopedias worth of more on its mind, as in tons of Greek mythology, several philosophical systems, and a lot of physics thrown in for good measure.

    Book Review: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment


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