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  • adjective Inclosed in a cyst, or a sac, bladder, or vesicle.

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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of encyst.
  • adjective medicine Contained in a cyst.
  • adjective figuratively Embedded, enclosed.

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  • adjective enclosed in (or as if in) a cyst


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From encyst +‎ -ed.


  • Fourthly, the funicular process may become obliterated both at the abdominal inguinal ring and above the epididymis, leaving a central unobliterated portion, which may become distended with fluid, giving rise to a condition known as the encysted hydrocele of the cord.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3c. The Male Genital Organs

  • Behind such a protective barrier, these so-called encysted strongyles are remarkably resilient. Headlines

  • Yet, I can recall where I wrote each book and what was the bit of sand that encysted into a pearl (real or faux you have to ask the critics.)

    Jane Yolen: Jane Yolen Writes 300th Book: Award Winning Children's Book Author Writes About Desire To 'Type Faster' (PHOTOS)

  • It caused differential melting and sublimation on the surface, according to the patterns it happened to fall in and the mixes of ices it clung to, until it was washed away or encysted.

    The Clique

  • The only reason America has lasted as long as she has, and even still has more than a few years left, is that this malignancy is at present encysted in a thick husk of sclerotic scar tissue – our permanent civil service.

    Democoup « Isegoria

  • We may still be able to save Las Vegas, as it is encysted by libertarian Nevada... but San Francisco, I fear, is already seething with the RED VIRUS, which has spread to it's outer "Bay Area" provinces, such as Mountain View and other Silicon Valley cities.

    Obama's Commie Mama

  • Political philosopher James Burnham explained why in his classic study, Suicide of the West: “For Western civilization in the present condition of the world, the most important practical consequence of the guilt encysted in the liberal ideology and psyche is this: that the liberal, and the group, nation or civilization infected by liberal doctrines and values, are morally disarmed before those whom the liberal regards as less well off than himself.”

    Turning Liberalism on itself...

  • It's possible that many who die of aneurisms are, in reality, suffering from swollen brain, stuffed with huge numbers of encysted brain worms.

    Brain worms: one in five are infested

  • Only the immune system's antibodies keep the brain worms encysted; when and if the immune system fails, some host cells will be infested and spew more brain worms to kill other cells. www.

    Brain worms: one in five are infested

  • Because murderousness was “deeply encysted” in the human personality.

    Human Smoke


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