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  • n. Plural form of end-game.


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  • She end-games, and dreams up worst-case scenarios; I always expect the best, and very often get it.

    Dr. Susan Corso: Irreconcilable Financial Differences

  • There are also structural end-games such as Baumol's Disease at work: the inefficient sectors of the economy end up dominating the national income.

    Chris Martenson, Ph.D.: Straight Talk with Charles Hugh Smith: Why The Status Quo Is Unsustainable

  • One consequence is the imprecision of many of the championship level end-games.

    Chess Life Magazine January, 2009

  • The end-games, being typical examples, will only need reference to the chapters in which they have been respectively dealt with.

    Chess Strategy

  • Besides, they are reduced sooner or later by exchanges to such end-games as have been treated already, or are going to be shown now.

    Chess Strategy

  • We have still to consider end-games in which a draw results in spite of a majority of pawns, or where a win can only be achieved by the sacrifice of an extra pawn.

    Chess Strategy

  • It is absolutely necessary for the learner to understand fully the meaning of the term "opposition," and its value in elementary cases This knowledge is of far reaching influence in end-games.

    Chess Strategy

  • Simple end-games, that is, end-games without pawns, are comparatively easy to understand.

    Chess Strategy

  • One of the main characteristics of end-games is the active part taken by the King.

    Chess Strategy

  • In end-games with one Knight on each side, an extra pawn usually decides the game much in the same way as in end-games with

    Chess Strategy


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