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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of endeavour.


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  • You will find; I hope, that I have thus far endeavour'd manfully to get the pastoral noticed by the public, [2] but my introductions are crampt; and the public mind so engaged about War and Bloodshed that I begin to doubt much that the lowly and charming eloquence of that piece will never be heard.

    Letter 115

  • Despite my having cross'd into a Realm where I had no further Use for Money, or, such Baubles as a Watch fac'd as I was with an Infinitude of Time, I determin'd to avenge myself; and, so endeavour'd to discourage Custom by laying ghostly Hands and breathing a cold Breath on Any who would enter Cruikshank's Premises.

    When lawyers shop...

  • Cromwell's Party had made in my Father's Substance, forced me (as well as many other younger Brothers) to seek my Fortune; and so I went with a Friend of my Father's, (an Officer of Note) to Tangier, where, I doubt not, but he would have endeavour'd for my Preferment, in time.

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  • Absence of my dear Brother, who was gone a second Time beyond Sea, to study at the University of Leyden, that being the Third Place where he endeavour'd to inrich his Mind; having before gathered a Treasure of Learning from those Two inexhaustible Fountains, Oxford and

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  • Daughter; whose Mother being dead, the good Father endeavour'd to find out

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  • How far he endeavour'd to overcome or indulge this guilty Flame, is unknown; but he grew daily more and more passionatly in love; which he durst not discover any way but by obsequious Bows when he happened in her Presence, or to pass by her, or the like; which the Lady return'd with a gracious Mien and Smiling Countenance, being in her nature courteous and affable.

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  • Which way soever it was, I endeavour'd to be resign'd; this being the Duty of a Christian in all Conditions.

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  • However, I comply'd with my Mother, and made Inclination submit to Duty; and so endeavour'd to make

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  • When my Mother and I had accommodated our Affairs, we endeavour'd to make ourselves easy, by putting off our Country Incumbrance, and so went to live at London.

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  • Lady that endeavour'd to divert and entertain me; she having that Moment been pleased to couple them.

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