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  • verb archaic Third-person singular simple present indicative form of endeavour.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

endeavour + -eth


  • For in that they require nothing but endeavour, he that endeavoureth their performance fulfilleth them; and he that fulfilleth the law is just.


  • For being assured that there be causes of all things that have arrived hitherto, or shall arrive hereafter, it is impossible for a man, who continually endeavoureth to secure himself against the evil he fears, and procure the good he desireth, not to be in a perpetual solicitude of the time to come; so that every man, especially those that are over-provident, are in an estate like to that of Prometheus.


  • For what is it for men to excommunicate their lawful king, but to keep him from all places of God's public service in his own kingdom; and with force to resist him when he with force endeavoureth to correct them?


  • The choice of counsellors therefore is proper to monarchy, in which the sovereign that endeavoureth not to make choice of those that in every kind are the most able, dischargeth not his office as he ought to do.


  • And, therefore, as Aristotle endeavoureth to prove, that in all motion there is some point quiescent; and as he elegantly expoundeth the ancient fable of

    The Advancement of Learning

  • Curiously do they exert themselves, like an elephant which endeavoureth to stand upon its head.

    Thus spake Zarathustra; A book for all and none

  • Thy wild dogs want liberty; they bark for joy in their cellar when thy spirit endeavoureth to open all prison doors.

    Thus spake Zarathustra; A book for all and none

  • These are the principles which, according to his ability, he sarcastically traduceth and endeavoureth to reflect scorn upon, by the false representation of some of them, and debasing others with an intermixture of vile and profane expressions.

    Of Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

  • Nevertheless each one endeavoureth to make it of the best barley, which is steeped in a cistern, in greater or less quantity, by the space of three days and three nights, until it be thoroughly soaked.

    Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)

  • And thereby we may see how each one of us endeavoureth to fleece and eat up another.

    Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series)


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