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  • noun uncountable The state of being endogenous
  • noun countable The extent to which something is endogenous


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  • Here's a nice description of the idea of endogeneity from Peter Siegelman 27 Law & Soc.

    Business, Law, Economics & Society

  • Here's a nice description of the idea of endogeneity from Peter Siegelman 27 Law & Soc.

    Business, Law, Economics & Society

  • I wouldn't do it because of the problem noted (and other issues like the endogeneity of the state-level minimum wages used to identify the effects in many of the available studies) but it is not stupid on the face of it.

    The Minimum Wage, Con't, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Under unified government, we find that the endogeneity of the status quo leads to a non-monotonic effect of the size of the legislative majority on gridlock; surprisingly, under unified government, gridlock is higher when the party in control of the legislature has a supermajority than when it has a bare majority.

    "Model" Citizens

  • Using occupation as a proxy for skill, we find that an increase in the fraction of foreign-born workers tends to lower the wages of natives in blue collar occupations — particularly after controlling for endogeneity — but does not have a statistically significant negative effect among natives in skilled occupations.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Wages of Immigration

  • Instrumenting for the possible endogeneity of media activity to public spending, 2SLS results confirm a positive effect of media coverage on county-level public spending.

    Media Matters

  • “In addition, we need not measure, nor deal with the endogeneity of, their out-of-pocket costs, because these costs are uniform across hospitals.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Hospital Quality

  • While this would be a more persuasive test, note it still runs into potential problems of endogeneity (that is, the decision by district A to institute a sports program is a result of more culturally tolerant attitudes towards women breaking out of societally sponsered norms).

    Matthew Yglesias » The Impact of Title IX

  • This endogeneity is at the heart of contentions that EMU may be an unspoken initial step towards political union in Europe.

    Greek Crisis Stirs Debate

  • Realistically, there is an endogeneity between the OCA criteria and currency union.

    Greek Crisis Stirs Debate


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