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  • noun Plural form of endoparasite.


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  • Parasites that live inside the host are called endoparasites heart).

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  • Some conjugants will also transmit microscopic prokaryotic endoparasites to the acceptor.


  • Once inside the host, adult endoparasites need to shed offspring into the external environment in order to infect other hosts.

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  • Many endoparasites infect their host by penetrating its external surface, while others must be ingested by the host.

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  • These endoparasites allow the new host to clone for a limited amount of time, in order for the prokaryotes to distribute in new hosts.


  • Cestoids are generally known as tapeworms and all species are endoparasites in the guts of all types of vertebrates.


  • • Over 178 cats with diarrhea/enteritis, stated to be mainly associated with Giardia and endoparasites

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  • A. the host is generally larger than the parasite B. parasites are always severe and usually kill their host C. smaller parasites often live as endoparasites within the body of the host D. ectoparasites are attached to the outside of the host's body E. some parasites and all viruses are obligate parasites and must live inside the host

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  • There are many types of parasites, endoparasites (live inside us) and ectoparasites (live on us) and they come in all sizes.

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  • – apart from being eaten by predators, animals get all sorts of parasites – endoparasites like tapeworms, hookworms, liver and lung flukes, ectoparasites like fleas, lice and ticks.

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