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  • n. Any of a large group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of peptide bonds in the interior of a polypeptide chain or protein molecule.

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  • n. Any of a group of enzymes, such as trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin and elastase, which catalyze the splitting of polypeptide chains.


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  • They are metabolized by three independent inactivating enzymes: amino-peptidase, dipeptidylaminopeptidase, or endopeptidase.

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  • An enzyme formed in the intestine; an endopeptidase that acts on peptide linkages containing lysine or arginine.

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  • They are metabolized by a trypsinlike endopeptidase, carboxypeptidase B, and endo-oligopeptidase A.

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  • This is also supported by an enrichment of protein functions such as cysteine-type endopeptidase activity, lysozyme activity, or lipase activity.

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  • Stathopoulos C (1998) Structural features, physiological roles, and biotechnological applications of the membrane proteases of the OmpT bacterial endopeptidase family: a micro-review.

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  • Hajdusek O, Dvorak J, Sajid M, Franta Z, et al. (2007) IrAE: an asparaginyl endopeptidase (legumain) in the gut of the hard tick Ixodes ricinus.

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  • The team's previous work had led them to suggest that an enzyme called 'asparaginyl endopeptidase' (AEP) could potentially be responsible for breaking down L-asparaginase and triggering allergic reactions in some children treated with the drug. News

  • PL-3994 has an extended half-life, with reduced affinity for natriuretic peptide clearance receptors and increased resistance to neutral endopeptidase, an endogenous enzyme that degrades natriuretic peptides.


  • York IA, Mo AX, Lemerise K, Zeng W, Shen Y, et al. (2003) The cytosolic endopeptidase, thimet oligopeptidase, destroys antigenic peptides and limits the extent of MHC class I antigen presentation.

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  • ALV003 consists of a glutamine specific cysteine protease (EP-B2) and a proline specific prolyl endopeptidase (PEP).

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