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  • n. Plural form of endophyte.


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  • The fungi growing inside leaves without causing disease to the plant are called endophytes: endo -, inside, and - phyte, plant.


  • New varieties of ryegrass and clover, pastures with greater water efficiency, tolerance to heat, insect resistance and improved animal health, had been developed using naturally occurring microscopic fungi called endophytes, which live inside the plant cells. - Stuff

  • What's more, consumption of endophytes appears to be advantageous to voles by reducing risk of mammalian predation.

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  • Leuchtmann A (1992) Systematics, distribution, and host specificity of grass endophytes.

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  • Helander M, Lehtonen P, Saikkonen K (2008) Consumption of grass endophytes alters the ultraviolet spectrum of vole urine.

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  • Grass-endophytes may have multifarious effects on herbivore communities

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  • One group of microbial symbionts that are known to affect multitrophic interactions are fungal grass-endophytes in the genus

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  • Acremonium endophytes to performance of animals and grass plants.

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  • However, experimental studies on endophytes and their effects on higher trophic levels are still scarce

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  • Bultman TL, McNeill MR, Goldson SL (2003) Isolate-dependent impacts of fungal endophytes in a multitrophic interaction.

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