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  • adj. of or relating to an endophyte
  • adj. growing inside another organism, e.g. of parasites or cancer tumors, contrasted to exophytic

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  • In botany, same as entophytic.


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  • In the current study, the scientists isolated bacteria normally resident in poplar and willow roots, which are known as endophytic bacteria, and tested selected strains 'abilities to increase poplar growth in a controlled greenhouse environment. News Feed

  • The Life Box -- you're gonna be getting a DVD of the TED conference -- you add soil, you add water, you have mycorrhizal and endophytic fungi as well as spores, like of the Agaricon mushroom.

    Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

  • There are also endophytic symbionts (bacteria living inside stems and leaves) and free-living bacterial fixers in soils.

    Global material cycles

  • Natural product discovery from endophytic fungi based on hyphenated

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  • Jackson MA, Johnson-Cicalese JM (1988) A rapid staining method for detection of endophytic fungi in turf and forage grasses.

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  • For instance, plants host multiple symbiotic microbes, including mycorrhizal fungi, endophytic fungi and bacteria that may affect the performance of herbivores through symbiont-produced toxins which accumulate in herbivore tissue and thereby directly harm predators following ingestion of the prey.

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  • Saikkonen K, Saari S, Helander M (2010) Defensive mutualism between plants and endophytic fungi?

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  • Conover MR (1998) Impact of consuming tall fescue leaves with the endophytic fungus,

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  • Our results suggest that consumption of endophytic grass is not directly deleterious to sibling voles.

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  • Two fungal symbioses collide: endophytic fungi are not welcome in leaf-cutting ant gardens



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