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  • noun biochemistry Any ribonuclease that is an endonuclease


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  • (RISC) containing the endoribonuclease of the Argonaut family (Ago) to search and destroy the target mRNA

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  • However, we recently reported that stable RNAi, i.e., a permanent gene-knockdown mediated by shRNA-generating DNA vectors that are integrated in the genome, fails rapidly after induction of apoptosis due to caspase-3-mediated cleavage and inactivation of the endoribonuclease

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  • While the transfected 21mer dsRNA/siRNA is directly incorporated in the RISC, the 27mer dsRNA or DNA vector-derived shRNA need to be converted first to siRNA by the endoribonuclease Dicer-1.

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  • In a study led by biochemist Jennifer Doudna, the research team used protein crystallography beamlines at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source to produce an atomic-scale crystal structure model of an endoribonuclease called "Csy4."

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  • Activation of the transcription factor XBP1 due to alternative mRNA splicing by the activated ER resident kinase / endoribonuclease IRE1a

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  • Upon activation, IRE1 e.g. unleashes an intrinsic endoribonuclease activity, which leads to alternative splicing of precursor XBP1 mRNA to yield the mature XBP1 transcription factor that is required for the synthesis of ER-resident chaperones and other genes important for ER function

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  • IRE1α functions as an endoribonuclease, which initiates the splicing of the mRNA encoding the key transcription factor XBP-1.

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  • Data are graphed as mean ± s.e.m. Ago2 does not require robust endoribonuclease activity to regulate dFMR1 during oogenesis.

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