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  • n. Plural form of endosome.


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  • RPM-1 is thought to positively regulate a Rab GTPase pathway to promote vesicular trafficking via late endosomes, which is critical for the organization of presynaptic terminals.

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  • Using a membrane-specific probe that labels endosomes and lysosomes and fluorescein-labeled annexin 5 that labels

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  • Complicating these efforts is the fact that BACE1 seems to cleave APP in vesicles called endosomes, which sport a pH much more acidic than that of other areas of the cell or the extracellular fluid.


  • Loss of GlcNAcT-IVa, or the addition of glycan-ligand mimetics, attenuates Glut-2 cell-surface half-life, provoking endocytosis with redistribution into endosomes and lysosomes.

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  • Importantly, in HEK-293 cells, PAT1 is highly concentrated in intracellular compartments, including endosomes, wherein mTOR shuttles upon amino-acid stimulation.

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  • However, the detailed mechanism by which the full-length receptors embedded in the endosomal membrane travel all the way from the cell surface to the early endosomes and pass through the nuclear pore complexes is unknown.

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  • From the above experiments it is not clear if cycling of CXCR7 from the plasma membrane to endosomes is ligand induced or may also occur constitutively.

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  • Incubation of the slices with 200 nM CXCL12-Venus causes the appearance of fluorescent endosomes, suggesting the uptake of the chemokines by surface receptors (upper right).

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  • Frozen sections of the hearts reveal endosomes in valve endothelial cells loaded with CXCL12-mCherry.

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  • We are interested here in demonstrating the tracking capabilities of our algorithm on the motion of these structures that are likely to be endosomes containing a large number of c-SLNs.

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