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  • n. Plural form of endotherm.


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  • Unlike other reptiles that are ectotherms (a term more accurate than cold-blooded), birds are endotherms, meaning they use their own metabolism to maintain a constant body temperature.

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  • For better or worse, it might be better to find a way to survive among the unclean endotherms than to die at the cold claws of his own people.

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  • However, because these endotherms lack a layer of insulation and do not have a thermostat that regulates either heat production or heat dissipation, they are considered poikilotherms (Greek poikolos = changeable).


  • Most endotherms are homeotherms, but by definition, some large reptiles (crocodiles and some of their extinct relatives-dinosaurs), as well as some large fish (tuna) and night-flying moths, are considered endotherms, because of the metabolic activity of skeletal muscles that generate large amounts of heat.


  • Spielberg's endotherms only confirmed it for me: dinosaurs were amazing and I wanted to work with them.

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  • The difference will be exacerbated because birds, the most well-represented endotherms in the analysis, demonstrate constrained phenological plasticity due to photoperiodic induction of gonad maturation and migration, especially for long-distance migrants.

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  • Another reminder that neat social behaviour is far from restricted to those silly endotherms.

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  • • Recover heat from blood travelling to extremities using passive processes • Most endotherms cannot tolerate a rise in body temperature of more than 5°C or so.

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  • Changing the rate of metabolic heat - applies only to endotherms

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  • Thermal problems living in a terrestrial environment is resolved through endothermy; e.g. endotherms can live in below-freezing production - temperature that deactivate the metabolism of ectotherms

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