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  • adj. Within or passing through the trachea: an endotracheal tube.

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  • adj. within, or through the trachea


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  • At present, patients have to submit original copies of such certification when requesting that emergency medical treatment such as endotracheal intubation, electric shock and drug injections be withheld.

    Taipei Times

  • Once absorbed, colchicine cannot be removed from the body by hemodialysis or charcoal hemoperfusion, and aggressive care including endotracheal intubation, timely fluid management guided by pulmonary artery pressure monitoring and pressor support is frequently required for the patient to survive.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • The patient's course in the intensive care unit was notable for hyoptension unresponsive to pressor support with dopamine and dobutamine, severe metabolic acidosis, anuric renal failure and progressive respiratory failure requiring endotracheal intubation.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • An endotracheal tube cuff is not protective against aspiration. 2 For these reasons, Syrup of Ipecac is the preferred method of gastric emptying, provided the patient has a gag reflex, is alert, and is likely to remain so, and provided the substance is not expected to cause seizures. 2,10

    Hydrocarbon Ingestion

  • An endotracheal (ET) tube, which was placed in your child's trachea (windpipe) during the operation and connected to a ventilator to help her breathe.

    After liver transplant surgery

  • We had all been trained for this scenario, in theory, with textbooks boasting glossy colored photos, in classrooms without air conditioning, each of us in turn taking hold of the various instruments—bag and mask, laryngoscope, and finally endotracheal tubes—that would be provided at the deliveries where resuscitation was called for.

    Between Expectations

  • When he inevitably picks up the virus, he is sent to the ICU and an endotracheal tube is placed down his throat because it has become too difficult for him to breathe.

    Between Expectations

  • I stay back as he describes what will happen when the ventilator is turned off and the endotracheal tube is pulled out; he explains that she will likely continue to breathe, shallowly and without great effect, and that gradually the lack of oxygen will cause her pulse to slow until her heart comes to a stop.

    Between Expectations

  • Jory weighing less than three pounds, a pencil-sized endotracheal tube strapped to her pale rosebud mouth, bunny-shaped EKG pads over her chest and an IV line taped into her scalp.


  • In any case, the endotracheal tube running from the ventilator down her throat into her ravaged lungs made it impossible to conduct any interviews just yet.

    Delta Anomaly


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