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  • noun A subscriber to the philosophy of endurantism.


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  • Trope persistence is endurantist, that is to say, tropes wholly exist at every time they exist, and that a particular trope at one time is strictly identical to itself at other times.

    Causal Processes

  • One idea is to mimic the “endurantist” approach to temporal persistence and say that a possible object persists through many possible worlds by having all of its parts existing at each of those worlds.

    Possible Objects

  • From an endurantist point of view, however, it is difficult even to say what temporal parts are supposed to be.

    Temporal Parts

  • In principle, yes, but this would be strategically unwise: accepting the possibility of complete coincidence without identity leaves perdurantism with no advantage over the standard endurantist account of coincidence.

    Temporal Parts

  • Let's look at the perdurantist and endurantist stories in turn.

    Temporal Parts

  • A second endurantist option is to accept that sometimes there just are no precise facts of the matter about the temporal boundaries and careers of objects, because the world itself is sometimes indeterminate.

    Temporal Parts

  • And, as with the problem of change, endurantists may reply that temporal parts don't help, or that there is a perfectly good endurantist alternative, or both.

    Temporal Parts


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