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  • adj. Alternative spelling of energized.


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  • You know, liberals make a big stink about "Jesus Camp" type places, which are practically nonexistent, but when they are faced with children who have been encouraged or allowed to sing in chorus for Obama, looking like zoned out kidbots, they think they're "energised" by the process.

    Obama in the rain, animated version.

  • I mean, the last couple of weeks before he died, he seemed really kind of energised, as opposed to Mr Existential Gloom, and I thought we might be turning a corner.

    A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away

  • The tangible benefits from making health and fitness a prominent element of the company's culture, include increased productivity, with staff more "energised" and "focused" and reduced staff turnover and sickness absence. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Although some reporters travelling with him think he seems gloomy about his long-term prospects, he claims to be "energised" by the result and Labour have started semi-public negotiations with the Lib Dems about a coalition.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • Mr Brown has said he was glad that the debate has "energised" the election process but declined to say how he thought he fared.

    The Latest From

  • Gordon Brown has said that the first of the televised leaders 'debates had "energised" the General Election campaign and would increase the public's focus on the "big issues".

    Your Local Guardian | Wimbledon

  • Brown -- who commentators said gave a solid but unspectacular performance -- said Friday that the debate had "energised" the campaign but insisted the result would hinge on policy, not presentation.

    Raw Story

  • In a speech to Progress at the Commonwealth Club in central London, Lord Mandelson contrasted what he claimed was an "energised" and "optimistic" Labour party with the Conservative party.

    The Latest From

  • The Prime Minister further insisted that the Thursday night debate has "energised" the election, and continued his debate strategy of displaying a positive attitude towards opposition leaders. News Feed

  • There was a kind of energised, unique quality about him that Tom has as a person and an actor. | The #1 Tom Cruise Resource


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