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  • A river rising in the Adirondack Mountains of northeast New York and flowing about 507 km (315 mi) generally southward to Upper New York Bay at New York City. Giovanni da Verrazano sighted the river in 1524, but it was not explored by Europeans until Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage.


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  • Amid a strengthening yen and energy-supply woes, business leaders, politicians and columnists fret that manufacturing will be pushed offshore.

    Japan's Hollow Threat

  • "The risk of serious energy-supply disruptions would continue to mount."

    Rising Use of Coal Prompts Warning

  • What will be the make-up of the energy-supply pie, and how can we dramatically increase, even double, our energy efficiency?

    Our Man-Made Energy Crisis

  • The company said this year it would be seeking growth outside British Gas Residential Energy—its household energy-supply business—as higher forward wholesale-gas prices were pointing to lower margins for its retail energy division.

    Centrica's Profit Soars

  • Within Europe, particularly in the U.K., he says it will be a combination of wind and maybe new nuclear, like the energy-supply model in France.


  • Investment in energy-supply strategies based on equity and increasing rural opportunities, such as national electrification programmes, also declines.

    Regional scenarios for Africa's future~ atmosphere

  • Industry optimism regarding long-term energy-supply prospects, these official reports indicate, has now given way to a deep-seated pessimism, even in the biggest of Big Oil corporate headquarters ...

    Stan Goff: Energy & Bubble & Other Stuff

  • These trends call for energy-supply investment of $26.3 trillion to 2030, or over $1 trillion/year.

    Literary Warrant [38]

  • As a result, biofuels are making up a larger portion of the world's energy-supply gap than many analysts expected.

    As Biofuels Catch On,

  • Its political instruments include retaliatory murder, routine energy-supply blackmail and this week a revival of the massed-tank strategies of 1956 and 1968.

    Putin's Rules


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