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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of enfever.


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  • Alongside the real, material Rome, a parallel, mental Rome, or a succession of such Romes, has long enfevered the brains of pontiffs and panjandrums.

    The Heirloom City

  • From a thousand schemes for revenge he had chosen the most frightful and ignoble that a brain maddened and enfevered by hatred could possibly conceive.

    The Honor of the Name

  • Don Julián, wounded and enfevered, now at last believes the worst.

    The Theory of the Theatre

  • Her enfevered senses had come to perceive in the conventionally clothed and spoken figure of the young attorney, a concentration of the repugnant things before which she cowered.

    Erik Dorn

  • The spirit and the message of the season (as they communicated themselves to him) began, as opiate among enfevered senses, to steal about his thoughts.

    If Winter Comes

  • The pure and fine essential qualities of the voices, the dizzying harmonies, the fugal calls and responses, the strange relief of the unisons, and above all the free, natural mien of the singers, proudly aware that they were producing something beautiful that could not be produced more beautifully, conscious of unchallenged supremacy, -- all this enfevered him to an unprecedented and self-astonished enthusiasm.


  • The rest of the ride was an enfevered phantasmagoria.

    Your United States Impressions of a first visit

  • Meanwhile, out-of-doors, you could hear the stamping and roaring of the crowd, goaded into a frenzy by repeated hymns, enfevered by its earnest desire for the Divine interposition, and growing more and more enervated by the delay.

    The Three Cities Trilogy: Lourdes, Volume 2

  • Their painful awakening was enfevered by the thought; a final agitation arose amidst the morning discomfort, as the abominable sufferings began afresh.

    The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Lourdes, Rome and Paris

  • His eyes were enfevered and his lips dry and cracked.

    The Son of Clemenceau


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