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  • verb Present participle of enfilade.


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  • The risks of grave injury were therefore greatly increased by exposure to this, which by soldiers is called enfilading, but at sea a raking fire; and to avoid such mischance was one of the principal concerns of a captain in a naval duel.

    Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812 Volume 1

  • Seeing McCook so fiercely attacked, in order to aid him I advanced Hescock's battery, supported by six regiments, to a very good position in front of a belt of timber on my extreme left, where an enfilading fire could be opened on that portion of the enemy attacking the right of the First Corps, and also on his batteries across Chaplin River.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • They moved out, and the ones that were in position near Cabu were in a beautiful enfilading position and practically wiped out that battalion.

    Into the Rising Sun

  • For the Texan who is president, and is under enfilading fire on all sides, from adversaries and events, this may seem like Comanche Spring.

    Comanche Spring, 2004

  • As to Machiavelli, the neocons, and ID, I think there is no enfilading position to be found there.

    A critique of Himmelfarb's scientific views - The Panda's Thumb

  • Thames; an enfilading view down the Lower Hope Reach.

    Falk, by Joseph Conrad

  • In point of grazing, plunging, oblique, or enfilading, or point-blank firing, the English, French, and Prussians have nothing to learn; but their cannon, howitzers, and mortars are mere pocket-pistols compared with the formidable engines of the American artillery.

    From the Earth to the Moon

  • Hill devised a plan to take a battery enfilading their advance.


  • Three things must be done at once: Additional guns must be placed on the ridge to silence the Federal guns; second, ample infantry supports must be at hand; third, the Confederate left must be extended to drive off the infantry and guns enfilading Poague.21


  • Hill devised a plan to take a battery enfilading their advance.



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