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  • n. Plural form of enforcer.


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  • Use the army of parking enforcers from the Philadelphia Parking Authority to enforce the Philadelphia No Idling laws.

    What can I do about all those idling cars and trucks??

  • Making Infantry, Armor and Artillery act as peace enforcers is akin to using napalm to suppress forest fires.

    Think Progress » Rumsfeld: ‘The Implication That There Was Something Wrong with the War Plan is Amusing’

  • Everybody knows what happened next -- when the Summer of Love occured in 1967, the Beach Boys were A.W.O.L. Carl Wilson ducked out of the Monterry Pop Festival, avoiding enforcers from the draft board, which was smart, but the whole group ducked out with him, which wasn't.

    View from the Northern Border

  • I have never downloaded a single item from the internet illegally in my life, but the behaviour of “big music” in both Canada and the United States on this issue, and the willinness of weak, co-opted governments to ignore and abuse their own public and act as their enforcers is so profoundly contemptable that I am sorely tempted to do so just to spite them.

    Big Music’s Canada p2p cure

  • That’s been accomplished in part by the use of institutions like The New Republic as ideological enforcers, but as Ezra Klein says the clout of such enforcers is often overstated.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Madman Strategy

  • Try to avoid givng your enforcement agents a black uniform with the double S insignia on the armband — for Social Security police, or whatever you want to call your enforcers, as some of our seniors are World War II vets and will see you coming. fumphis says:

    Matthew Yglesias » The Kolbe-Boyd Plan

  • For decades, NHL teams have employed "goons" and "enforcers" -- players with little real hockey skills whose main job is to harass and/or injure the other teams 'star players.

    A dangerous precedent

  • They call their enforcers, but they went home too.


  • Teixeira had given Benny over to a core group, hard cases Benny could only characterize as enforcers, like Hitler's brownshirts.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs top that list. three deaths among NHL role players known as "enforcers" this spring/summer.


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