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  • adj. Engler (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms that often have English names of the form "Engler's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for German botanist Adolf Engler


  • There is a dense and shrubby lower story of Combretum engleri, Pteleopsis anisoptera, Pterocarpus antunesii, Guibourtea coleosperma, Dialium engleranum, Strychnos spp.,

    Zambezian Baikiaea woodlands

  • In the area north of Manaus, some of the more prominent tree species are Protium hebetatum, Eschweilera coriacea, E. wachenheimii, Manilkara bidentata, Rinorea guianensis, Pouteria engleri, Swartzia reticulata, Duckeodendron cestroides, and Qualea labouriauara.

    Uatuma-Trombetas moist forests

  • Holarrhena pubescens, Phyllanthus engleri, Terminalia mollis.

    Chapter 7

  • Common shade loving palms include the Bamboo Cane Palms (Chamaedoria Species), Dwarf Sugar Palm (Arenga engleri) and the Fishtail Palm (Caryota mitis).

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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