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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of englobe.


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  • In SF parlance, a Dyson Sphere is a solid shell completely enclosing a star at a distance of roughly 1 AU, providing a living surface billions of times greater than that of a terrestrial planet, powered by absorbing 100% of the energy of the englobed star.

    Common mistakes in SF&F

  • The menus had disappeared; they sat now with drinks before them, englobed in mellow candlelight.

    Sudden Rain

  • It's a meditation too englobed to excerpt, so enjoy it in its entirety here, and don't miss the barbed pastiche by Kim Addnizio that asks, in response to Eliot's "April is the cruelest month ...,"

    The Aspirin-Munching House Plant and the Radio Receptive Orchid: James Wolcott

  • A fetus may be inside the woman's body, englobed, and kept alive by it, but he is not part of her body.

    Militant Feminists: full-term fetus not a baby, is woman's body part

  • In Cold Blood englobed a tragic episode and preserved it as a sepia piece of Americana.

    Tru Grit

  • An immaterial hand slid through the field that englobed the imp, seized what it had vomited and carried it toward Pasgen.

    Ill Met By Moonlight

  • Preprogrammed to his specified level of individual comfort, it set about evaporating from his skin the water and the dirt it had englobed.

    Running From The Deity

  • Then the tractors dropped away; each Lalairu ship went into warp independently, spreading out and around the pirate ships . . . and suddenly the englobers were the englobed.


  • The public channels had claimed that brave and noble Fleet warships had brought the "pirate" vessel to battle just beyond ch'Rihan's atmosphere, demonstrating with many and various models, diagrams, and computer-simulated animations the manner in which it had been englobed and blown apart as it tried frantically to flee from the engagement. . .

    The Romulan Way

  • He was too important - so important that the KK-drive dreadnought conveying him back to Treetrunk traveled englobed in a cruiser-and-destroyer convoy.



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