from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The process of englobing.


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  • The fancy ship detectors they'd had fitted on Uldune were registering a second layer of ships-an outer englobement pattern.

    The Wizard Of Karres

  • They were basic enough tactics: to prevent englobement, pick a hole in the globe and escape.


  • It was a standard enough englobement, the movement designed to take an enemy swiftly by surprise and overload his weapons computers before he had a chance to respond.


  • When a deliberate concentration of forces in one place was met by an energetic and equivalent Pitarian response, the battle planners went to the opposite extreme by suggesting an attempted englobement of one of the Twin Worlds.


  • The mere fact that englobement was their strategy told him 8omething.

    Step into Chaos

  • Fight through the englobement, leave the attackers behind, and escape Terran space entirely.

    Step into Chaos

  • The ovoid passed quickly through its orbit and out an opening on the far side of the englobement.

    The Howling Stones

  • Three of them arced out at the vertices of a triangle to begin a standard englobement.


  • This was englobement, in which a dozen or more vessels surrounded the proposed victim in space and held it motionless at the center of a sphere by means of pressors, which could not be cut or evaded.

    Gray Lensman

  • Reforming, the Solar Guard ships encircled the enemy in a deadly englobement pattern, and wheeling in great co-ordinated arcs through space, sent combined volleys of torpedoes crashing into the enemy ships.

    The Revolt on Venus


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