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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of engorge.


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  • The top of the insect's abdomen engorges the newt's throat.

    Country diary: Sandy, Bedfordshire

  • It engorges his tree of liberty with the blood of patriotic fervor, and by doing so, makes him feel powerful and in control, as if he were still the master of his plantation or the chairman of his town's White Citizens' Council.

    Show us your prenises

  • Both male and female genitals have smooth muscle tissue that engorges with blood during arousal.

    The Science Of Women & Sex

  • It feeds the swamp, engorges the swamp, infuses every cell of this place.


  • Upon gradual consumption of the drink the crystallized ginger eventually settles to the bottom of the cup, where it engorges itself on milk and syrup, transforming itself into something resembling soggy bits of syrup-sponges.

    Oh, gingersnap | Seattle Metblogs

  • That's why I must beat him mercilessly, until he pukes up the evil bile that engorges him.

    A practice so vile I hesitate to utter its name

  • It is a clattering great dragon out of the sky, which engorges the horsed knight, pipe, coffee pot, and all.

    Monstre Désacré

  • In the early morning the giant mill swallows its victims, engorges itself with entering humanity; then it grows active, stirring its ponderous might to life, movement and sound.

    The Woman Who Toils Being the Experiences of Two Gentlewomen as Factory Girls

  • _ -- Any organ which is constantly or excessively used is habituated to hold an unusual quantity of blood; the vessels become dilated; if overstrained the walls become weakened, lose their elasticity, and any sudden additional quantity of blood engorges the tissues so that they can not contract, and congestion results.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • But if the lungs are weak, the blood sent from the skin by the chill engorges the weak blood-vessels, and produces an inflammation of the lungs.

    American Woman's Home


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