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  • v. Present participle of engorge.


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  • Caught in an artistic stupor, he wrote on his site that he was just going to watch James Bond DVDs and try not to think about "the throbbing sensation engorging my inner soul".

    Internet picks of the week

  • If by “progressive” is meant engorging insurers and providers while consigning many more millions to means-tested welfare and permanent indigence, well …

    Matthew Yglesias » Health Care Note

  • The shenanigans of the G20 Meeting are just an offering of canapés in comparison to the engorging feast of an Olympic Games.

    G20 - The best press photos - April Fools Day « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • Her soul soaked them up, engorging itself, manifesting in a luminescent radiant glow through her skin, reflecting back into her environment.

    A printing press.

  • And Gilgamesh engorging his massive person devoured plate after plate of roast boar and succulents, drinking forever goblets of brown grain wine.

    A Mess

  • Troop recalls and a significant slimming of the public trough upon which defense contractors have been engorging themselves since even before Eisenhower's famous "military industrial complex" confession will be completed to ensure budget "neutrality", which is an arbitrary and utterly useless thing, since the only sustainable fiscal balance is the one that ensures full employment with product price stability.

    Marshall Auerback: The G20 Votes for Global Depression

  • Think upstairs/downstairs in Victorian England or, in our time, the chic, high-end urban restaurant -- affluent diners engorging themselves while the Hispanic kitchen staff cooks and cleans.

    Jonathan Lewis: Urbanization of Poverty

  • His wardmates from the hospital—the Sandler twin with his recalcitrant leukemia engorging his spleen, the blond girl in plaits by the television, little Jenny with leukemia—had long ago been buried in small graves in and around Boston.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • The Herald newspaper, for example, writes of the Dell memo as proof that Tsvangirai and the MDC have grown “fat on the back of engorging the West's filthy lucre over the past decade as Uncle Sam's willing cat paws.”

    WikiLeaks Revelations Put Zimbabwe in Jeopardy of Further Instability - Analyst

  • Instead, she was sardined into the backseat of a second-rate Italian sports car, no closer to having the kids, the husband, or the restaurants than she was a decade ago, her fragile leg veins engorging with blood by the second.

    Georgia’s Kitchen


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