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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of engrave.


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  • Meanwhile, a countdown to the end of the universe has begun, a suicidal madman engraves a mandala on the floor of an emptied swimming pool, a sleep-deprived astronomer cruises the dunes in a white Packard saloon, a raven-haired temptress named Coma plays the men off against each other.

    The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction

  • Reuters Above, a machine engraves information on an ingot of 99.99% pure gold at the Krastsvetmet nonferrous metals plant in Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

    Upbeat Economic Data Curtails Gold Futures

  • Bullets become unstable when they travel through the "transonic" stage (where the bullet goes from being supersonic to subsonic) the reason for this as best as I understand is due to the change in the way the air flows over the grooves in the bullet that the rifling engraves in its surface.

    best caliber for 600+ yard shots

  • I found out that the man that owns Trijicon sight company is a Christian and engraves scripture on his equipment like the ACOG.

    Trijicon sight company and ABC

  • The commentator Sefat Emet writes that upon each of our hearts God engraves the word "Life."

    Rabbi Will Berkovitz: God, Life And The Spiritual Practice Of Surrendering 'Complete Control'

  • Now and again in a lifetime a friend introduces you to a writer and you discover a soul-book, a work that engraves itself on your heart: one you read over and over, falling in love with it more deeply each time.


  • Blake engraves him as a naked Adamic figure sprawled atop a moldering skeleton, looking confidently into clearing sky and singing a hymn to human liberation:

    Introduction: A History of Transatlantic Romanticism

  • Research reveals that repetitively recounting a traumatic incident (or viewing disturbing images on television) actually engraves them into your neurology.

    Alison Rose Levy: New Year's Health Tip: Inoculate Yourself From Panic and Shock

  • Anguish engraves itself in ineffaceable characters on mouth and brow; it passes through us, destroying or relaxing the springs that vibrate to enjoyment, leaving behind in the soul the seeds of a disgust for all things in this world.

    A Woman of Thirty

  • The triple picture, thus barely sketched in outline, is one of those scenes which the imagination engraves for ever upon the memory; let a poet fall under its charm, and he shall be haunted by visions which shall reproduce its romantic loveliness out of the vague substance of dreams.

    A Woman of Thirty


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