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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of enhalo.


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  • I turned and looked down the slope of the hill to where, enhaloed now in birds, stood those other two Martians that I had seen overnight, just as death had overtaken them.

    The War of The Worlds

  • He saw Hoopdriver walk slowly across the gateway, his head enhaloed in cigarette smoke, and pass out of sight up the street.

    The Wheels of Chance: a bicycling idyll

  • The music ceased, but not that humming, arid by a simultaneous movement of ten thousand respectful heads my attention was directed to the enhaloed supreme intelligence that hovered above me.

    First Men in the Moon

  • The Thorburns – yes; they breed so, she echoed; looking at all the round red faces that seemed doubled in the giddiness that overcame her; and magnified in the gold mist that enhaloed them.

    A Haunted House, and other short stories

  • Sitting in the vajra-position, enhaloed by a five-colored rainbow.

    An Offering Ceremony to the Spiritual Masters

  • She returned them stare for stare, her back stiff and straight and her white hair enhaloed in the room's light.

    That Sweet Little Old Lady

  • It was the face of a street-walker, bloated and purplish, the poor pretence of colour gone, the haggard lines showing, all the awful life of her stamped upon it; yet in the lamplight, upturned in its helplessness, sealed with the sleep that had come at last to her, sore-footed, as softly as it might have come to a little baby falling asleep amid its play, there enhaloed it the incarnation of triumphant suffering.

    The Workingman's Paradise An Australian Labour Novel

  • Sweet Flossie stands, her golden hair enhaloed now by firelit air.

    Poems Teachers Ask For, Book Two

  • Her heart was filled with sudden desolation by the beauty of that young face enhaloed in the patch of light, with the profound darkness as of a dungeon for a background.

    The Rover

  • For those who still remembered their Greek dramatists, the glamour that enhaloed the isle of Lemnos, that halting-place in the journey to Troy, was rapidly dissipated.

    War Story of the Canadian Army Medical Corps


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