from The Century Dictionary.

  • That tends or serves to enhance, heighten, or intensify; that imparts added force: as, an enhancive sentence, or expression. Also enhansive.

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  • adjective serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body
  • adjective intensifying by augmentation and enhancement


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  • The automobile may thus be understood as an enhancive extension of the driver's own body, i.e., the driver-automobile "coupled system" yields a kind of cybernetic organism, albeit one that pushes to the limit our pre-theoretic intuitions about where the individual ends and the environment begins.

    Ethical Technology

  • Fukuyama, for example, endorses technologies designed for world-engineering purposes but rejects those aimed at person-engineering - in particular, those technologies of an enhancive nature.

    Ethical Technology

  • Although Walker explicates the latter in terms of "[creating] persons who are smarter and more virtuous than we are," one could interpret person-engineering as the process of modifying the human organism using technologies that are classifiable as either enhancive or therapeutic (although I take this binarism to be vague in nontrivial ways).

    Ethical Technology

  • Consider the difference between wanting to make love more reliable: a) because reliability conduces to greater human happiness (e.g., by decreasing the probability of a traumatic break-up, or so one argument might go); and b) because reliability is an attribute exemplified by machines, and as machines ourselves (albeit "squishy" ones) it therefore follows that we should be reliable too (and, of course, the way to do this is through enhancive techno-interventions).

    Ethical Technology


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