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  • n. Alternative form of injera.


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  • They prepared the stew (wat), commonly made of lentils and chicken or meat, to go with the enjera.

    Ethiopian Jewish Women.

  • Women were in charge of the domestic sphere, baking the basic bread (enjera) on an open hearth, which they also stoked to gain warmth.

    Ethiopian Jewish Women.

  • Tru storie: Wee wunce had a strai kitteh arownd hoo cayme in teh bak door uv teh howse an tuk sum enjera bred sowked in VAIRY HAWT ee-thee-o-pee-yan sawse owt uv teh trash.

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  • Of all the foods investigated, only enjera showed a decline in vitamin content (1,13).

    22 Nutrition and Safety Considerations

  • On the other hand, during tape 'ketan and enjera production, the levels of some essential amino acids fall, whereas others remain unchanged (11).

    22 Nutrition and Safety Considerations

  • Ethiopians (notably those living outside their native land) have found that triticale flour can be substituted for at least 50 percent of other traditional flours such as teff and buckwheat, used in making the national food, enjera.

    6 Food and Feed Uses

  • This makes the crop especially promising in many countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, where famine and malnutrition exist and the staple is some form of unleavened flat bread-tortillas, chapatis, or enjera, for instance.

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  • I couldn't persuade my tablemates to go gursha and abandon their forks in favor of scooping the food in swabs of enjera, but I did it and enjoyed it and hope I earned some spiritual redemption

    The Clog

  • They were out of kitfo, the Drew-and-Felicia recommended steak tartare, but the chef suggested zilzil tibs - tender beef strips sautéed in butter with an aromatic sprig of rosemary, leaching its juices into the enjera, the soft bread on which it was served.

    The Clog

  • But it can be torture to pass on the spanakopita because of the phyllo dough or or to be uncouth at the Ethiopian restaurant and ask for a fork to eat the meats and vegetables because I can’t eat them by hand with the enjera bread.

    Sticking to the plan South of the Border | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.


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