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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of enmire.
  • adj. Immersed in mire; bogged down.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From enmire +‎ -ed.


  • It is going to be an issue of pulling ourselves out of the mud, we're deeply enmired in this stuff.

    Cameron's press conference - live blog

  • The police are enmired in bureaucracy but they are also wasting efforts massaging statistics with the governments tacit approval.

    Come Into My Parlour ....

  • They both promote the same scenarios and solutions that have enmired us in the current mess, and to continue to follow them leads us only deeper. by ardee D. (6 articles, 4 quicklinks, 1 diaries, 2377 comments) on Saturday, Sep 29, 2007 at 3: 52: 53 PM

    Bill Clinton at His Best

  • There are, you might understand, millions of American children who will never ski, they are enmired in a grinding poverty that beats them down and, because they have no health care, brings them an early death.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Saving money and beating the system

  • PASOK, also enmired in corruption scandals, is gaining on the governing, supposedly conservative New Democracy, but the non-investment in Greek infrastructure has been a scandal for several decades.

    Greeks protest

  • But there was no protection for the excavation on the seabed, nor, more important for Costas, any guarantee that his prize creation would not become enmired forever with all the other detritus of history.

    Crusader Gold

  • If you are so enmired in support of the Democratic Party as to be blind to their foibles and flaws, so be it.

    Poll: 91% of Democrats Not VERY Happy with Democratic Leadership; What to Do About It

  • He is also, apparently, enmired in a budding scandal as well, over cronyism.

    A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

  • And well it might be: it is doubtful that there has ever been in the history of this country a presidency as deeply enmired as the present one in the kinds of criminal abuse of power that warranted impeachment -- including the "national nightmare" involving the presidency of Richard Nixon.

    FIGHTING FOR THE SOUL OF OUR COUNTRY! --A Battle Cry for Our Movement

  • He sent Avatre into the air again, and prayed that today atleast, he was not going to find himself enmired in someone's private quarrel.



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