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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of enquire.


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  • The Hop, says Cockayne, was known to the Saxons, and they called it the _Hymele_, a name enquired-for in vain among Hop growers in Worcestershire and Kent.

    Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure

  • It was on the way to this camp that we saw tracks very like those of a bare-foot man and we enquired from the coolies what it was.

    The Mount Everest Expedition

  • Dreadfully affected by this account of his mother, all of whose sufferings he felt, however coarse and simple the relation of them, Orlando now again enquired of his informer, if she knew where his mother and sisters lived in town?

    The Old Manor House

  • He gazed earnestly and mournfully upon them, and when he entered his prison, again enquired concerning them, but the same inflexible silence was preserved on the subject.

    The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne: A Highland Story

  • There was no knowing the sense of the people; for when the chief captain enquired concerning Paul, having perhaps never heard of his name before (such strangers were the great ones to the excellent ones of the earth, and affected to be so), some cried one thing, and some another, among the multitude; so that it was impossible for the chief captain to know their mind, when really they knew not either one another's mind or their own, when every one pretended to give the sense of the whole body.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)

  • "What sort of fanaticism has been at work here, Mrs. Randolph?" the Captain enquired.

    Melbourne House

  • Being someone who keeps politics out of the workplace as much as possible, they enquired "Which party?"

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • He demanded all the news of the family meaning Rose and politely enquired after my appetite: my enormous appetite.

    Exit the Actress

  • I called the waiter/bartender over and enquired and he proudly, as if he had just won the grand prize exclaimed I used Merlot, a spot of sprite, Cointreau, a good shot of vodka, a small squeeze of lime, ice and garnished with a lime and orange rim slice.

    Sangrita and sangria

  • Being someone who keeps politics out of the workplace as much as possible, they enquired "Which party?"

    Anecdotal evidence from Norwich North which may be important or may be not


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