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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of ensoul.


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  • Mr. Hillyer -- the bible at psalm 139: 16 says that god even knew the "embryo" of us. i think if god knows that embryo is "us" i think we have already been "ensouled" -- loved your article

    The American Spectator

  • They often suppose that the Catholic Church teaches that destroying human embryos is unacceptable because such embryos are persons or are "ensouled".

    Do Embryos Have Souls?

  • We may not ever know the mystery of when a fetus is "ensouled", but that is not really the correct question.

    The American Spectator

  • Lots of atheists believe themselves to have some type of moral right to life, even though, presumably, they believe that they STILL haven't been "ensouled".

    The American Spectator

  • So, the RCC claims that a human is "ensouled" at the moment of conception?


  • From 1869 onward the obsolete distinction between the "ensouled" and "unensouled" fetus was permanently removed from canon law on abortion.

    Ten Reasons

  • "ensouled", when a mind develops, and when a person feels pain needs to be addressed before society recognizes we are killing human beings AND that act should be illegal.

    The American Spectator

  • “And like all demons, I do have a weakness for the ensouled.”


  • This world of dreamers, experimenters and engineers, soulless humans and ensouled machines was born of most unlikely parents: four poets who gathered one cold summer on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816.

    December 2009

  • The strenuous objections to embryonic stem cell research, for example, are directly based on a particular religious conviction that the human soul is made present by God at the time of conception and that the newly fertilized embryo is ensouled.

    The Courts


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