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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ensoul.


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  • The Birches mansion is quite imposing, and yet this strikes me as more of a ghost story than a haunted house one, by which I mean the ghost is always a specific, localized presence rather than an animating force that inhabits or ensouls the entire structure.

    Archive 2009-02-22

  • Phaedo presents as the majority view, Epicurus thinks that the soul is dispersed at death along with its constituent atoms, losing the powers that it has while it is contained by the body of the organism that it ensouls (L&S 14A6).

    Ancient Theories of Soul

  • Hence, it is not necessary to know exactly when God ensouls the embryo, because, as I sometimes point out in half-jest, even if it were true that an embryo did not receive her soul until she graduated from law school, that would not make it OK to kill her by forcibly extracting tissues or organs prior to graduation.

    Do Embryos Have Souls?

  • We must recognize that it is God's business as to precisely when He ensouls embryos.

    Do Embryos Have Souls?

  • In the Desire World we see objects out - side ourselves, inside and out, but they tell nothing of themselves or the life that ensouls them.

    Max Heindel's Letters to Students by The Rosicrucian Fellowship

  • Thus without detracting from the charm and power of the day-star, he ensouls it with a higher meaning and transforms a fiery globe into a light-clad Olympian divinity, a giver of life and death, a healer and a slayer.

    Life Immovable First Part

  • The amount of the friend that ensouls the image is dependent on his own evolution, a highly evolved person being capable of far more communication with a Devachanî than one who is unevolved.

    Death—and After?

  • That vibrating, living creature has but one idea, the idea that ensouls it -- help is wanted, food is wanted; and it ranges the subtle world, seeking.

    Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries

  • In addition to all these, man is himself a constant creator of invisible beings, for the vibrations of his thoughts and desires create forms of subtle matter the only life of which is the thought or the desire which ensouls them; he thus creates an army of invisible servants, who range through the invisible worlds seeking to do his will.

    Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries

  • Force and matter alike are living and active, and an energy or a group of energies is the veil of an Intelligence, of a Consciousness, who has that energy as his outer expression, and the matter in which that energy moves yields a form which he guides or ensouls.

    Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries


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